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Paediatric Dentistry

Area of dental medicine that treats the dentition of children, not only for their dental peculiarity as well as psychological.
The first consultation should be carried out when the whole deciduous dentition (milk teeth) is complete (about two years, two and a half years) in order to establish a preventive oral health program and to intercept habits that may be harmful.
Ideally, when there is good oral health the child should be observed every six months. In cases of high risk of caries, this periodicity should be reduced to three-month intervals.

Oral Surgery

Area of dentistry that removes teeth, removes lesions, cysts, ….
in office, and enabling faster action.


Area of dentistry that treats the "gums", controlling bacterial plaque, progression of periodontal disease, performing gingival surgeries, both from the aesthetic point of view and from active periodontal treatment.

Fixed Prosthesis

Dentistry area that applies crowns to patients' teeth, crowns on implants, bridges…

CASE 1 - Crowns 12 and 11


CASE 2 - Veneers 12, 11, 21 and crown 22



Aesthetic And Restorative Dentistry
Dental area that treats cavities (removes and restores), makes esthetic restorations to close diastemas (close spaces between teeth), makes facets in composite (making the visible surface of the tooth more homogeneous and aesthetic).

Increased Lateral Conid



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