Dental Clinic At Expo

The T Clinic arises from a project of wanting to carry out Dental Medicine in a transparent, personalized, professional way and with a lot of sympathy!

The T Clinic is located in the Expo Sul (Lisbon) area and has state-of-the-art medical equipment in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We believe in the Human person, from the point of view of the care provider (physician / assistant / oral hygienist / receptionist), and at the T Clinic we believe that we treat people and not just mouths.
T for:
Treatment, treat, transparent, therapy, thickness, teeth, tease, typical, Teresa,trisomy tangerine, tomato, transforming, totality, triumph, tactful, talk, tall, taste, teach ….
T for Totally!

Our Team


Medical Dentist

Teresa Sobral Costa
Clinic Director of the T Clinic
Exclusive Practice in Orthodontics
Medical Dentist
Master in “Science in Dental Sciences- Orthodontics “(University of Krems- Austria)
PhD from the University of Granada
Former director of the Department of Orthodontics of MaloClinic, Lisbon (Exclusive Practice in Orthodontics from 2002 to 2011 in the referred Clinic)

Medical Dentist

Pedro Ferreira Gomes
Medical Dentist
Practice in Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontology and Fixed Prosthesis

Oral Hygienist

Filipa Ribeiro da Cunha

Medical Dentist

Maria Joana Castro
Medical Dentist
Practice in Pediatric Dentistry


Alexandra Filipe

Medical Dentist

Carlos Morais
Medical Dentist
Degree in Dental Medicine from the University Fernando Pessoa (2006)
Exclusive Practice in Endodontics

Dental Assistants

Joana Silva
Patrícia Ribeiro